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Capture, Analyse and Negotiate Contracts with Ease

Our powerful contract analysis platform helps transform the document review process

Painless Contract Analysis

Contract analysis is often a time-consuming process, with much of this time spent combing through documents in search of fine details. You know what to look for in a contract – you know the things you will and won’t accept – but the process is lengthy and repetitive. We’ve encountered this problem ourselves, and determined that scanning documents line-by-line might not be the best use of our time. Rather than having to manually trawl through contracts yourselves, Adsensa takes the hard work out of it, automating these tasks and bringing the results straight to you.

Before Adsensa

Contract analysis is a manual and repetitive process, with much of your time spent reviewing small details without gaining confidence that all issues have been surfaced.

After Adsensa

By automating the most time-consuming tasks involved in contract review, you have more time to perform high-level analysis with an in-depth focus on the issues that truly matter.

Our Approach


Improve effectiveness in the negotiation process by evaluating your document against preferred clauses and recommendations from internal experts


Quickly extract and validate data from contracts and other documents for use by downstream systems


Assess the quality and compliance of contracts in a consistent manner


Effectively understand your contract and contract portfolios with clear reporting systems


Our team has the capability to integrate our platform with your current systems

Precise, Reliable Results

Adsensa has worked with over 100 major companies worldwide, helping them to minimise risk and discover items buried deep within their contracts.

Working Wherever Contracts are Needed

While much of our work has been concentrated in the three industries listed below, our solutions is applicable to any business.

For Insurance

Solutions for Insurance Carriers, Brokers, Regulators, Reinsurers

For Banking

Solutions for Investment Banks, Asset Managers and Hedge Fund Managers

For Legal

Solutions for Lawyers and Contract Specialists

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